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Now is the time as a thought-leader to truly realize your highest potential and to address those internal and external influences that could be holding you back.

  Collaborative Solutions Invites You To Connect To Your Heart While Serving the World.  

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After only a few hours of speaking and working with her, what I learned about myself (and continue to learn) has had advantages that far outweigh what I had initially hoped for. 

Through discussion, careful listening, provocative questions, genuine compassion, and friendship, Michele has helped me realize and believe in my talents, find confidence in my ability to manifest change I want in my life, and approach the world with a mindset of positivity, opportunity, and love. It's not until you can learn to love and forgive yourself, that you can truly maximize your potential. Michele can help you do this.

Michelangelo once said: "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." You are the sculptor, and Michele provides the tools necessary to help you reveal the best version of yourself.

Simon Keyes, Banking


"Michele has helped me connect to my true, authentic self. As a result, I live in a more confident, less anxious and fearful way. Some may call it executive presence, but it's more of a deep-seated security in myself and the value that I bring."

Annie Lewallen, Private Equity


I consider myself to have a scientifically oriented mind and take care – and pride – not to form opinions that aren’t evidence based.  I had read a great deal about the scientific evidence for the many positive benefits of Yoga and Meditation.  Having worked with a wonderful teacher, Michele Risa, I am now living proof of those benefits.  My blood pressure is now in a healthy range and my range of motion has improved substantially.   I was lucky to have found Michele.  Together, we continue to work on several quality of life issues.  I have benefited tremendously from the work we are doing together.

Paul, Finance


I have felt for the first time ever, after trying to overcome my anxiety problems throughout my life, I have. As a result of our conversations I am noticing a shift in ME! I AM connecting to the Truth. 

I’m getting pretty good at dealing with angst producing situations before they get out of hand.   It doesn’t happen all at once, but more of a process.

Sondra Wah


Michele offered expertise with a "strong emphasis on communication with clarity and recognizing impediments to effective communication such as preconceptions, blind spots, and historical experiences."

Terry Katz

Executive Director, Center for Applied Judaism, Society of Jewish Science


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