The WHY? Let's start by focusing on what you are struggling with to identify what is working and not working.

Let's together, lean in and explore the barriers and emotions to 

gaining greater insights into these challenges.

Then let's create a roadmap to undo, unknot, unrobe these more challenging barriers 

for a more vibrant, thriving life.

As a life coach and business coach, I will work with you using both neuroscience and long-established researched meditative techniques to ground you in a practice that transforms old habits so you can

positively modify the way you interpret and engage with life.

We Will Explore...

Illuminating the blind spots that can be holding you back, helping you see what you cannot readily see and using it as a portal to deeper understanding.

We'll venture together out of your comfort zone to
inspire new ways of seeing the world.

The Goal: Living Your Life's Purpose.
Expressing The Difference You Are Here To Make.

Executive and Life coaching clients work with me one-on-one, during private hourly sessions every week and are given specific practices, concepts and assignments 

to experiment with and integrate into every day life. 

To schedule a FREE :30 minute appointment to explore your goals and hear valuable insights, please schedule a time to speak above.

Men's and Women's Kundalini Blast Off

Men's Group


Every month those ready to raise their vibration and their life gather to exceed what is thought possible.

Women's Group


After rocking and rolling, we enjoyed "200 Women Who Will Change The Way You See The World."  Amazing!