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We helped people look INSIDE. 

Watch this and SEE for yourself!

For the first time, Gamelatrons, Sonic Kinetic Sculptures created by Aaron Taylor Kuffner, merged with Kundalini energy presented by Michele Risa and Stu Zimmerman to explore our individual capabilities and collective interconnectivity.

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Birthday Celebration + Gratitude

A High School Kiss

50 years later, the boys are still sweet.

Laughter with Best Friend

My best friend, Luisa always touches my heart and soul.

Sister Celebration

We drink at the best restaurants!

4 Time NY Marathoner

Supporting an incredible human being as he runs for a great cause, Covenant House.

My Tree in Midtown

How  blessed to have such a beauty just outside my window.

Freedom of Speech

How grateful to turn my values into action.

Sacred Spaces for 2019 Retreat

London on the Thames

In London, connecting to its extraordinary history.

Where Community Gathers

Folks gather at the Sherlock Holmes' local pub.  We are offering gatherings at Sacred Places.

Iford, the Hub of Our Journey

Athena and Michele begin their collaboration near Iford,  which is our first stop on the sacred energy line.


Our next powerful energy center at the Abbey.


Bigger than Stonehedge, Avebury takes us back 1,000s of years.

Celebrating Our Journey

Atop Tor, we can see forever into the ever present NOW.

Fun-Filled July Events

Immigration March

Adding our voices: "No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here!" And "If this is the American Dream, I want to WAKE UP."

Alan Dershowitz's Controversy

Alan launchs his book, "The Case Against Impeaching Trump." Learning even from those who disagree with us.  They are our teachers.

United Palace

Sharing my plan to reach 10% of the planet: Jean Houston, Anwar Robinson, Jude Currivan, Jeff Vander Cliff, Monica Sharma, Lynne McTaggart, Duane Elgin.

Brahma Kumaris' Peace Day

I was invited to share meditation.  I met Madhusudhan who I shared my vision of   gaming, taking VR to a whole new realm.

Nico Tortorella

Nico thrilled us with his meditation accompanied by David Miguel. Yes, Nico, "All Of It Is You."

Goldfingr VIP Event

Up on a rooftop, we celebrated the arts and new relationships.

Heart-Felt June Events

Solstice in Times Square

Solstice in Times Square

We're co-sponsoring another Summer Solstice in Times Square. Yum fun!

Terry Patten's New Book

Terry Patten

Terry's new book, "A New Republic of the Heart" touched and inspired.

Layla Love & Gloria Steinem

Layla Love, Gloria Steinem, Rise of the Butterfly

Layla Love and Gloria Steinem co-founded Rise of the Butterfly to end human trafficking.


United Nations, UN, CSVGC- NY

As a proud member, I came to honor  our visionary Board Members of The Committee for Spirituality, Values & Global Concerns.

Kurt Johnson

Kurt Johnson

My path keeps crossing with this inspiring, brilliant man. I know Kurt Johnson and I will be creating together soon.

At Goldfingr with Simon & Ril

Another great VIP member-only event. Thrilled to connect with the hearts of  Ril Salam and Simon Keyes.

International Day of Yoga Committee at the UN

Celebrated the International Day of Yoga at the UN Chapel with Gayatri Naraine of the Brahma Kumaris, Jude Currivan and more!

United Palace is back

An established community center in Harlem is coming back to life with the help of Heather Shea, CEO while single handedly, Ted Schulman is saving our oceans. Meet amazing people July 15 at United Palace.

Migrant & Refugee Issues at the UN

Susan O'Malley led the NGO Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) in discussion of our nation's immigration crisis. 

"How to Use Video to Maximize Revenues"

The personal connection is often lost when people turn to the internet.  Video is the solution that provides you the opportunity to connect with your clients and customers even in our digital age.

What's your story?

Your story connects us to and compels us to invest in your business over another.  Video is a powerful medium through which our stories can be both discovered and shared. 

  • Learn to speak the language of video or loose an entire audience
  • Hear how to deliver the message you want to communicate to your tribe
  • See how to maximize your investment

Come to our next meeting, May 10th and experience "The Video Age."

Date: Thursday, May 10th, 6:00 - 8:30 PM

Location: A.R.E. NY Edgar Cayce Center, 153 West 27th Street, 702, NY 10001

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"How Money can set your heart on fire to reignite your business Mission"

Do you love money?  Do you fear money?

This is a workshop to transform your fears and worries about money and finances into authentic power and freedom.

Martin has consolidated his 4 hour workshop to 2 hours of amazing, unforgettable experiences.

  • Explore your personal money story to discover what is holding you back
  • Rediscover your heart's deepest desires, soul purpose and life mission
  • Re-align your life mission with your business mission
  • Discover the secret to unlocking the flow of money to support your mission 

There has never been a more important time to "un-stick" what is keeping you "stuck"!  

Presented at Fortis Lux Financial, 277 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10172

Offered February 20, 2018.

An example of our powerful events. 

"Game of Consciousness"

Presented by Michele Risa & Stu Zimmerman

Featuring Gamelatrons: Sonic Kinetic Sculptures

Created by Aaron Taylor Kuffner

You are cordially invited to experience the power of sound

in ways you will deeply resonate.

In Aaron Taylor Kuffner’s words, 

“These handcrafted, masterfully-tuned orchestras of 

vibraphones, drums, chimes, bells, and resonating bronze gongs 

played by robotic mallets are installed to 

immerse the observer in living kinetic sculptures.”

Michele Risa and Stu Zimmerman will guide you to experience

 how Kundalini energy merges into this sound sanctuary that Aaron has created.  

We will play with movement, meditation and voice to explore  

our individual capabilities and collective inter-connectivity. 

Presented at Crossing Collective, 559 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011

Offered Saturday, February 17, 2018

View our awesome video montage below.