How Can You Benefit From An Extraordinary Mindset Course


Nelson Mandela

We begin with Nelson Mandela who after 27 years in prison, emerged with a mindset that sought reconciliation and compromise instead of revenge. As a result of his “Long Walk To Freedom,” he liberated his people not with weapons but with heart. In so doing, he transformed a nation and inspired the world.

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Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is an exemplary CEO of consciousness and sustainability. She grew a global $210 million business that inspires employees, uses organic materials, treats factory workers well, and provides money and training for a half-million poor people starting their business worldwide.

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Jazz Jennings and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

In this episode, we showcase Jazz Jennings, a transgender woman and Reality TV personality with “I Am Jazz” on The Learning Channel and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, the Youth Director of Earth Guardian who speaks on world stages like the UN about climate change and uses Hip-Hop to reach 1,000s more.

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Thank you to Dr. Stephen Hobbs, for co-creating this course.

TEDx Talk About Spiritual Transformation by Michele Risa

Michele Risa presents at TEDx in NYC. She shares her spiritual path,  what enables growth and individual transformation as human beings and the critical role of community to help us 'walk our talk'.

"Dogs, dolphins & baseball" Helping Corporations shift

Michele Risa presents "Dogs, Dolphins & Baseball: How to Help Corporations Shift to the New Business Paradigm and THRIVE."